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An R&B singer with a smooth voice and a clear message, Richmond, VA’s John Jay is a veteran of the music industry, having cultivated his talent while working as a singer and songwriter with some of the finest artists in on the east coast.  His background in gospel accounts for his uplifting sound, while his individual voice is the product of a life spent absorbing the power of music.


John Jay arrived with a boom in 2011 with his debut album ‘The Secret To Life.’  Nominated for several awards, including three Rhythm of Gospel Awards and one Gospel Blue Mic Award, it quickly established him as a top talent.  As a prolific performer known for his charismatic and soulful stage presence, it was only fitting that he follow up with a live album recorded in his hometown.  Having cemented his status, he went on to release several more recordings, gradually shifting to the clean R&B and pop sound that he is known for today.


John’s newest album "Emergency Exit," is scheduled to release April 24, 2020.  The album is the sound of a confident young artist stepping into the spotlight and embracing a new sound.  In these difficult times, John Jay hopes his music can be a beacon in the darkness, bringing people together and inspiring them to live their best lives.

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